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Property for sale in Alaska

Alaska is located at the northernmost end of North America. The main industries in the country are related to fishing, natural gas and oil industries, but military base operations and tourism also have an important part in the economy of the state.

They are also one of the two states with Hawaii not to belong to the so-called contiguous United States.

Precisely for this reason, the real estate market of Alaska fluctuates based on the strength of these industries.

The unemployment rate in Alaska is higher than the national average, but the state is in 8th place in terms of poverty.

The job market of Alaska increases by about 6% by 2024 from its position in 2014. This will certainly contribute to a healthy real estate market and to increase the number of property for sale in Alaska.

The real estate market in Alaska has undergone some changes and it is living through a series of positive things that will continue for the next few years.

For this reason, now is the time to buy a property for sale in Alaska. Housing inventory shortages often cause housing values to rise. It is possible to expect this trend to continue until 2020 in the real estate market in Alaska, so everything that was sold before could see value better.

The offer of properties for sale in Alaska is varied. Alaska has a lot to offer, considering the fact that, by area, it is the largest state in the United States.

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska. Anchorage is famous for its beautiful landscapes, especially in winter.

Anchorage has been named one of the 10 best winter cities by Livability. The anchor is the Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race and the Alaska State Fair as well as having a healthy economy, rich in industries and a balanced real estate market.

The second most popular city in Alaska is much less populated than Anchorage. In fact, it is Juneau, the capital of Alaska. Juneau hosting 32,000 people.

Juneau has a higher home sales price than Anchorage, but also has a higher average income.

The real estate market of Alaska is in its tendencies

The real estate market in Alaska is a case of single-family homes accessible throughout the year 2020, and will see an amplify in tenants and new construction of duplex and multi-unit buildings.

For the reason that Alaska is so unique, external factors are unlikely to come into play unexpectedly.

Alaska is a beautiful state, with a constantly growing market and housing economy. If you are thinking of buying a property for sale in Alaska, you should consider all the factors mentioned above.

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